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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

If you want to convey to your employees how much they are important to you and if you want them to be proud to be part of the company, you will probably be happy to join the list of companies that offer gifts to their employees.



Companies understand that reciprocal relationsare the secret formula to successful employee-employer relationships. If you thought that the conditions and wages of the employee are sufficient to appreciate the company he works for, surely you would be surprised to hear that things that were sufficient in the past are not sufficient today. Nowadays, companies that are interested to hire outstanding human resources that will lead the company to success, are competing with other leading companies that offer not only a generous salary and substantial benefits, but also a special gift for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, events and promotion



The decision to contact a company that designs and tailors all sorts of gifts for employees will be beneficial for your business. First of all, one must take into account that the employee understands that you appreciate him and that he would be happy to contribute back, this is manifested in the output or outcome of the employee that will eventually lead to the company's success. Secondly, it is possible to embed/print/embroider your company logo or slogan on the gifts and thus advertise the company. A gift to an employee must be functional and practical in outdoor environment in order for it to effectively brand the company and publish it within friends and other acquaintances or just passer bys.



Trolleys - The decision to offer trolleys as gifts for outstanding employees will contribute significantly to the advertisement of your company. All you need to do is decide on a color that stands out, a good quality trolley, and the most visible spot on which the logo and the slogan of the company can be printed. 

Beach bags and mats - you can order high quality, vividly-colored trendy Beach bags and mats as cool gifts for your employees. The beautiful colored fonts and design will show off your company logo and slogan for all to see.  

Leather wallets - could be nice birthday gifts for employees. You can choose an individual, modern and prestigious design of wallets and ask the promotion company to seal or impress in it the logo of the company.

Backpacks - a gift for daily use. Functional gifts that employees are happy to get.

Travel set - a travel set can be ordered, it includes a travel bag and a toiletries bag and is a great gift for the holidays. In addition it is possible to print or embroider the company logo on each item.

Coolers - perfect gift for spring and summer holidays.

Laptop cases - the perfect gift for a company where employees uses laptops. Every employee needs to carry his laptop in a padded bag that will protect it.

At Shugon you can enjoy a rich variety of gifts for the holidays. In addition to handbags and leather products, you can benefit from an array of related products such as cosmetics and toiletries, sweets, towels & more :)