Shugon’s Creative Department is pleased to help you develop your ideas for any backpack, drawstring bag, travel bag, sports bag, laptop bag, rucksack, holdall, trolley, briefcase or any other bag or closely related product such as purses and travel document holders - from the sketch or sample through to production and delivery. Simply by providing us with a sample, sketch or image we can make suggestions based on years of experience, offer free illustrations, design samples, quote prices, and advise delivery time.

We have a long experience with the development of special production bags to a few industries such as;

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & safety – i.e. tarpaulin bags, PVC holdalls and Hi-Vis backpacks;

Food suppliers– insulated food container bags, cool bags, take away delivery bags;

Schools – customised drawstring bags, customised lunch boxes;

Cosmetics – special make up and cosmetics bags;

IT – personalized laptop bags and briefcases;

Sport – bespoke sports bags and holdalls for specific use, as for swimming or tennis, duffle bags for football teams or golf equipment;

Travel – special travel bags, trolleys, and suitcases;

Events – promotional bags, imprint bags, conference bags, non-woven bags, Polypropylene laminated bags, messenger bags and give away bags, and more.

We are happy to help with any bag for any industry or market so please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have an idea or the need to develop any new bag !

We will be happy to offer quotations for your custom-made requirements, and to help with the sourcing of products outside of our range. We have manufacturing facilities in several locations around the world, specialising in different products and materials, which make Shugon an ideal company to produce quality goods with low costs and short deadlines. Shugon has good delivery services throughout Europe, and our prices usually consist of everything including delivery to your door.


This is also the case with our Leather Goods. We have our existing stock range, and we would be happy to develop new leather products and designs. We offer leather wallets, purses, travel accessories, luxury cosmetic bags, leather briefcases, leather folders and more - all are made from good quality leather.



Bags Special Production Options
Custom-made bags and Bespoke bags (tailor-made) options:


Custom-Made Bags (personalise one of our styles):  We take an existing range product such as a backpack, sports bag, trolley bag, or suitcase, and we can change its elements according to your specific requirements. The fabric, webbing, zippers, buckles and more all can be produced with your specifications for colour, touch, texture and quality.

The general structure and dimensions of the product will remain the same, but the appearance and logo of the bag will be totally yours!

As it is an existing design, this process is very short, and surprisingly the cost is often cheaper than the stock items as there is no need for us to store them- they get delivered straight to you from the factory.

With illustrations provided by our graphic designers we can quickly simulate how the final customised product will look, following which requests for modifications can easily be made early on in the process. A sample of the product, which is quick and simple to create, is produced for the customer prior to the confirmation of the order.


Bespoke Bags (special development):  Together with you, we develop a bag from scratch. The quickest way is to begin with a physical example, but also images, sketches or written specifications will be enough to begin with. This process takes a little longer, as we need to plan and design the product according to your requirements, produce the sample(s) and confirm the order with you before continuing on with production. We help and advise you during the whole process. This process is typically used for special bags, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) bags, pouches and products for a wide range of companies and usage. Examples of the more unusual items we have helped to design include covers for musical instruments, electronic devices, take away food, and fire extinguishers! Each of the specially developed products has different requirements, design, usage and budget. 

We are happy to provide consultation and graphic illustrations for free. After the process begins we will advise costs and lead time. 



Decorating the bags with a logo or embroidery:
The special production products can be supplied with your branding, label and logo, both on the items themselves and the cartons.


During the production we can print (screen printing, sublimation, heat transfer), embroider, emboss, or engrave on any part of the bag or product, with a higher quality and a lower price compared to decorating completed items such as backpacks or suitcases.
The common decoration types with bags are screen printing, embroidery and sublimation.

Other advantages of printing during production include eliminating the risk of damaging the completed bag or product, as the printing/embroidery is only performed on fabric swatches. Time is also saved as well as transportation costs to the printers.



MOQ and Delivery Time:
Usually, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom-made bags production to be considered is 500 and more. Still, it is worth contacting us for production of smaller quantities, as sometimes we can combine it with our regular production runs. 

For bespoke products the delivery time within Europe is typically 12 to 15 weeks from the order or the confirmation of the sample.


Please note that we hold a large stock of our standard bags and other products in the UK and Germany, and we can supply these products within Europe and the rest of the World.


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